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Holidaying closer to home using the popular holiday ownership model has never looked better.

Holiday ownership is not a new idea. What began in the 1980s in America became associated with high entry costs, stand-over sales tactics and overpromises that left many owners disillusioned.

Almost 40 years on, the holiday ownership model has changed, with more realistic entry costs, greater legal protection under an updated Unit Titles Act, and better services at many of the world’s best designed and maintained tourist resorts.

Today, our holiday ownership resorts are accessible at international tourist destinations in New Zealand and throughout the World. When you own your weekly entitlement, you gain access to a genuine holiday club in all the best destinations.

Our member resorts are proud to be able to offer you a holiday lifestyle choice which is affordable and stress-free for your ongoing enjoyment and pleasure in the years to come.

Your entry into shared holiday ownership means you own a week’s holiday at a popular holiday resort which shares operational costs with 50 other owners. Full management is included, which means there is no upkeep for you to worry about. You just turn the key, walk-in and enjoy all the benefits of a holiday home without any of the hassles, every time.

Holiday ownership gives you the choice to share your well-earned break with family and friends, rent it out or exchange it for a destination elsewhere in New Zealand, or around the world. Holiday ownership is the affordable key to the door of family-friendly fun, somewhere in New Zealand or the world, every year!

If you can see yourself and your loved ones enjoying this life-style choice,
then you should be talking to us today!


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